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Frequently Asked Questions and General Tips


Mak appliances imageCan I get the same day service?

Yes, we have many technicians who can give you 100% quick and reliable service

Can I do the repairs by myself?

No, it is not advisable as you can do more harm to the appliance as well as to yourself

What tips can you offer regarding appliance care?

All appliances should be serviced yearly. All appliances with pc boards should have surge protector plugs to protect the very sensitive electronics. Washing machine and tumble driers must be leveled for less vibration so less harm can be done to the unit. Always check for coins before putting clothes in washing machine

Your home  appliance might have broken down and you called is for appliance repair service only to find that there wasn’t any need to call us because the issue was minor which you could handle yourself. At MAK APPLIANCES we want customers to avoid this scenario. Check the quick few tips below before calling MAK APPLIANCES  and if these don’t do the trick, MAK APPLIANCES would be happy to service your appliance. If they solve the problem we are glad to have helped.

Tips:mak appliances repairs image 4

Washing Machine:

Use high-efficiency detergent with high-efficiency washing powder

Examine hoses and tubes regularly


Clean filters regularly


Prewash dishes

Clean the food trap regularly

Do not use bleach-based cleaners on seals


Keep temperatures set to manufacturer’s guidelines for maximum efficiency

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